WOLVES DEN – Deus Vult (2015), LP [Digipack CD]


Wolves Den – metal band from Germany.
“Deus Vult” – an exclamation of stands for religious mania and indoctrinated human turd.

It is also the title of the first album of the Wolves Den. 8 songs, marked by hellish diversity. In the spectrum of black and death metal darkness, epic and aggression are woven into plants through their structures Helge Stang darkly blashemische German texts writhe like a blood red thread.

The band was founded in 2013 Anus Domini of Helge and Mexx. The place on drums was the old fellow Manuel Di Camillo reserved and the live guitar Stefan B. was forced by liquor and extortion. After the first demo songs that have been published online, soon followed the first appearances and Wolves Den could quickly cementing their reputation as kick-ass live band.

Wolves Den neither label nor booking agency (vepisst you unless you bring ne wheelbarrow full of money over); one is his own master, and that is a good thing. Deus Vult! If that is not God’s will, then he should go fuck.





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Track list:
1. Via lustorum
2. Gedeih und Verderb
3. Schwarzes Firmament
4. Deus Vult
5. Grau wird Nebel
6. Dysterborn
7. Sieche
8. VobisCum
9. Mortis

Wolves Den:

Helge Stang – bass/vocal
Mexx Steiner – guitar
Manuel Di Camillo – drums
Stefan Botz – live guitar

Recorded during February/March 2015
Recording/mixing/mastering: Sebastian Moser, Grotesque Studio Munich
Drumrecording: Manuel Di Camillo, Camillodrums Studio
Coverart: Lisa Schubert

Self released by band Wolves Den in 2015.

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folk, pagan


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