HellHammer Festival 2017: Winter Edition

The 6th year of constantly growing Hellhammer festival 2017: Winter Edition is dedicated to dark types of metal like black metal, avantgarde metal, post black and ect.
This time it will stay in 3 biggest cities of Czech Republic: Prague, Brno, Ostrava!
This time the festival is leaded by Austrian unique post black metal band Harakiri For The Sky, symphonic black metal warriors from Siberia – Welicoruss and amazing avant-garde black metal band Lychgate!
Besides them, there will play Czech bands who are going to bring the best of metal from their land.
Don’t miss the darkest winter evening of black metal in your city!

Attention! When you buying an electronic ticket, you will receive it by e-mail during 24 hours, you will need only to print it and show it us!


Online tickets Physical tickets

Hellblast promotion
+420 777 094 773
Drakkaria Pagan Shop
Rašínovo nábř. 386/52,
128 00 Praha 2
+420 604 566 672

Klub Melodka
Kounicova 20/22,
602 00 Brno-střed
+420 774 073 949

Barrák Music Club
Havlíčkovo nábř. 28,
702 00 Moravská Ostrava
+420 732 263 084


Date Venue City Bands Link
Klub Nová Chmelnice Prague, Czech Republic Harakiri For The Sky, Welicoruss, Lychgate, Mallephyr + local  BUY TICKET facebook
Barrák Music Club Ostrava, Czech Republic Harakiri For The Sky, Welicoruss, Lychgate, Silva Nigra, Nektesm BUY TICKET
Melodka Club  Brno, Czech Republic Harakiri For The Sky, Welicoruss, Lychgate, Desire Of Sorrow + local  BUY TICKET
Randal Club  Bratislava, Slovakia Harakiri For The Sky, Welicoruss, Lychgate, Aeon Winds BUY TICKET
Dürer Kert  Budapest, Hungary Harakiri For The Sky, Welicoruss, Lychgate, Gyepű     BUY TICKET
Tartaros Club  Banská Bystrica, Slovakia Harakiri For The Sky, Welicoruss, Lychgate, + local support
Dongó Club Győr, Hungary Welicoruss, Lychgate, + local support
 Q Club  Graz, Austria Welicoruss (not Hellhammer fest)
Mark  Salzburg, Austria Welicoruss, Lychgate, Anderwelt, + local support BUY TICKET
Aera Club  Wien, Austria Welicoruss, Lychgate, Obsidian Chamber, + local support BUY TICKET

HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY [AT, post black metal]


Founded in 2011 in Vienna, Austria, the aim of Harakiri for the Sky has always been to create a unique mixture of melancholy and aggression, madness and meaning, and wrapped in alternately manic/mellow songs that bridged black metal and atmospheric post-rock. The band was initially begun as a studio project by erstwhile Bifröst member M. S. joined by vocalist/lyricist J. J., and has recently been expanded to a live lineup. With that lineup secured, Harakiri for the Sky then embarked upon four successful European tours with the likes of A Forest of Stars, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, and Agrypnie among others, encompassing over 20 countries to date. Now prepared to release the masterwork III: Trauma, Harakiri for the Sky will take this volatile-yet-beautiful new concoction on the road for the remainder of 2016: massive sound-walls and the barest of emotions await!



WELICORUSS [RU, symphonic black metal]


Symphonic Black Metal From The Coldest Depths of Siberia is what the new comers Welicoruss have brought with them to us here in Europe. Welicoruss appeared in Europe 2 years ago and they are already playing all the biggest festival across the whole Europe and playing over 280 concerts. You will be absolutely stunned by their stage performance and imagery as they take you away on a journey far away to Depths of Icy Cold Siberia and back.

Welicoruss played on almost all big metal festival of Europe like: Hellfest (France), Wave Gotik Treffen (DE-Leipzig), Ragnarok festival (DE-Lichtenfels), Wolfszeit Open Air, Exit Open Air festival (Serbia), Basinfirefest (Czech Republic), Made Of Metal (Czech Republic) and many more.


LYCHGATE [UK, avant-garde black meta]

Lychgate’s music is often characterised by the dense layering of guitars, stacking together a rich combination of octaves and harmony, which morph with the organ performance, resulting in a unique texture and colour. The compositions often feature variations in tempo, meter and dynamics; sometimes overwhelming in nature such as the crescendo at the end of the track “Letter XIX”. Moods, although mainly atmospheric, range from subdued and reflective to brooding and aggressive. The press have already acknowledged avant-garde overtones in the music, which set the project apart from usual album releases. A European tour was conducted in November 2015 to coincide with the second album release.The band features members who have been part of other projects such as Esoteric, The one, Macabre omen, Acherontas, Lunar aurora and Omega centauri.



MALLEPHYR [CZ, black/death metal]

mallephyr Plzeňská black/death metalová kapela MALLEPHYR vznikla v roce 2014 a v prosinci téhož roku vypustila prostřednictvím internetu dvouskladbové demo. Od té doby MALLEPHYR vystoupili například na MetalGate Stage na festivalu Brutal Assault, Phantoms of Pilsen, Enter the Eternal Fire Festu, dále zahráli před kapelami jako DARK FUNERAL, KRISIUN, NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION, FORGOTTEN TOMB, ORANSSI PAZUZU nebo THE STONE.Na podzim roku 2016 MALLEPHYR podepsali smlouvu s polským labelem Mad Lion Records, u kterého 21. října 2016 (v ČR a SR za pomoci Mystic Production) a 11. listopadu 2016 globálně vyšlo debutové album “Assailing the Holy”. To MALLEPHYR znovu nahráli v pražských KSV Studios pod taktovkou Karla “Sheafraidha” Švejnohy, kde plánují zaznamenat i další materiál.


DESIRE OF SORROW [CZ, melodic black metal]

History of Desire for Sorrow began in June 2009, although first attempts were even few years back. Founding members Jiří Zíka (Ziky – guitars) and Jan Pavlíček (Johny – keyboards), members of death metal project Pentamoan back then, decided, after the break up of this project, to continue their cooperation in music. The band plays in this lineup for more then a year. Band gets a name and starts to make new songs, in melodic black metal genre. In June 2010 band goes into recording studio for a couple of days and record a demo entitled Angels of Revenge. This CD gets mostly positive reactions and band is starting to do more gigs in clubs and festivals.After Rumans return the arrangements for first full-length album can start. In June 2013 band goes to ŠOPA recording studio to record new CD At Dawn of Abysmal Ruination.

SILVA NIGRA [CZ, black metal]


EMBRACE THE DARKNESS [CZ, melodic death/doom metal]

Embrace the Darkness je mladá melodic-death/doom metalová kapela z Kuřimi, která funguje od roku 2012. Na svém kontě má jedno delší EP “The Nameless”, a aktuálně připravuje plnohodnotné album. Těšit se můžete na melodický death metal severského typu okořeněný tesknými tóny houslí.

NOCTURNAL PESTILENCE [CZ, melodic extreme metal]


NEKTESM [CZ, black metal]